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Marriage, your way

Many of us can imagine what our ideal marriage would be like. Contract marriage offers a solution for achieving it. Create a contract to show what you have to offer your future spouse

Finding that perfect someone

Our system matches you with people who share your vision of married life. Regardless of whether you want to marry, court, or just casually date, our system lets you do it with confidence.

Happily ever after

Too many marriages are either unhappy or end in divorce. Why take the risk? Settle the most difficult questions of married life up front and in writing, and enjoy the most honest romantic relationship possible.


About us 

Keiyaku Kekkon is a site for people who want to get married.

Unlike traditional dating sites that try to match people based on personality and interests, Keiyaku Kekkon matches people based on their expectations about married life. The site lets users create their own ideal marriage contract and search for compatible partners. Contracts can stipulate anything and everything from childcare and housework, to expected lifestyle and partner income.

Are you a career woman looking for an equal partner at home? Are you an old-fashioned patriarch seeking a traditional homemaker? Are you looking for an older partner interested in having kids right away? Whatever you are looking for, Keiyaku Kekkon lets you spell it out and find your mate.

When a user finds someone they like, they can send a ‘proposal.’ A proposal is a personalized version of their marriage contract. The recipient can then accept it, reject it, or send a counter offer. The sender then has the same three options, and the interaction continues until one person accepts or rejects the proposal.

Through our system we hope to make marriage a reality for people frustrated with traditional dating sites. Sign up today and pursue marriage on your terms.

~ CEO Tatsuhiro Nishiyama



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