Pyrus calleryana. Pyramid to circle in … Aristocrat Ornamental Pear is a dense deciduous tree with a strong central leader and a distinctive and refined pyramidal form. Hardy, high health tree of medium size. The Aristocrat Pear Tree is a specially selected form of the Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) which grows wild in several areas of China. Aristocrat Callery Pear – Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat' Aristocrat Callery Pear Family Rosaceae – Rose Family; Fruit Trees Callery pear is a rapid-growing ornamental used for its quick establishment and flowering qualities. Includes Pyrus betulaefolia 'Southworth' Dancer™, Pyrus calleryana 'Bursnozam' Burgundy Snow™, Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat', Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford', Pyrus calleryana 'Capital', Pyrus calleryana 'Glen's Form' Chanticleer®, Pyrus calleryana 'Fronzam' Frontier™, Pyrus calleryana 'Valzam' Valiant™, Pyrus betulaefolia x P. calleryana 'Edgedell' Edgewood™, Pyrus … 30-45' High and 15-20' Spread. Hampshire - 44W148 St. Route 72, Hampshire, IL 60140 - 847.683.3700 Volo - 1555 N. US HWY 12, Volo, IL 60041 - 815.344.0944 Bolingbrook - 1050 Lily Cache Lane Suite B, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 - 815.439.7188 Hanover Park - 26W200 Lake St., Hanover Park, IL 60133 - 847.453.1240 holds horizontal branching holds better, later/less bloom, fall color. 0 Ratings An outstanding newish arrival that is ideal as an avenue, shade or accent tree. Custom Search Autumn Blaze (Pyrus calleryana ' Autumn Blaze'): Consistent early fall color, more cold hardy, susceptible to fire blight, consistently good fall color (red-purple). 391 Nurseries grow this plant. A tough and adaptable tree ideal for use in many landscape situations such as in parks and private gardens or as a street tree where lateral space permits. Growth in Melbourne, Victoria – Height: 9 Meters Width: 6 Meters. Garden Gate Nursery LLC. Showy white spring flowers, lush wavy, cupped foliage, strong pyramidal growth habit and yellow to red autumn tonings. Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat' Pear. Specs; Botanical Name: Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat' Hardiness Zone: 4: Tree Type: Ornamental & Flowering: Size Range: Medium Tree (25-40 feet) Mature Height: 40' Mature Spread: 30' Shape: Pyramidal: Foliage Color: Dark … Wholesale Nurseries. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. Aristocrat Pear is an extremely tolerant tree which can grow in almost any conditions. The prodigious plant collector Frank Meyer, who was an official ‘Agricultural Plant Explorer’ for the US Department of Agriculture, brought these trees to America in the early 20 th … Flowering Pear. Specs. Lovely bright white spring blossoms and excellent autumn colour. Suitable for medium to large sized gardens, streets and parks. Pyrus calleryana “Aristocrat” A fast growing and attractive ornamental pear with beautiful branching structure. PYRUS calleryana Aristocrat Ornamental Pear. A Chinese native, Moon Valley Nurseries offers several varieties of Pyrus calleryana including 'Aristocrat', 'Bradford' and 'Chanticleer', each featuring the desirable features … Pyrus calleryana - Aristocrat Tree is a very attractive, medium sized ornamental pear with a very good branch structure and excellent floral display. The Flowering Pear, Pyrus calleryana, is a vigorous tree that can add fantastic color to any type of landscape. Locations. Aristocrat (Pyrus calleryana ' Aristocrat'): Leaf has a wavy edge, less prone to branch breaking, more susceptible to fire blight, fall color can be inconsistent. Nurseries that grow this plant: Featured | High Quality Guaranteed .

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