It’s super helpful for us and other readers. How did you manage to cook your lentils in about 20 minutes? It's easy to make, with just a few ingredients 45 mins . I’ve made it more times than I can count. My family loves it. The thyme really makes this recipe, I love how all the flavors combine. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Erin! We loved this recipe! Fingers crossed!) This would be SO DELICIOUS over GF/DF polenta too! Not only is it hearty and satisfying, it’s also simple, requiring just 10 basic ingredients and 40 minutes to make (from start to finish). If you get a chance, do you mind rating the recipe? My family is always so skeptical, so it’s nice when they enjoy a non-vegan dish. it’s unlike most other things I cook in terms of flavor profile but I love it! Yay! Coconut aminos is a soy-free alternative to soy sauce, with a less pungent flavor. I always add the optional tomato paste :), We’re so glad you enjoy it! We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Kim! My carnivorous parents devoured it and wanted more. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thanks for sharing, Marie! It’s the perfect dish for impressing without all the extra labor. Anything with mashed potatoes is usually a win- this did not disappoint! I used the instant pot for my potatoes so this came together really fast. I used soy sauce instead of the coconut aminos! Yummy! I’ve now made this two times and I just love it. Very flavorful and good comfort food! My mother was skeptical that something so simple would taste so good and feel satisfied. Add 6 cups water, lentils, thyme, bay leaves and salt. And so crazy how much depth of flavour there was! Add red wine, mushrooms, lentils, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, and vegetable broth (or water). I added it and it changed the flavor of the gravy from mushroomy to tomatoey. We are glad you enjoyed this dish :D. I made this yummy and hearty dish this evening! I did have to add quite a bit more water than was called for but that may have been because the stove I was cooking on doesn’t have low enough heat to simmer. xo. this was DELICIOUS! It won’t have as much flavor, so that’s my main concern. First off you need to boil the lentils, just follow the directions on the back of the bag. We’re so glad to hear that! The first time I made this, I used dried thyme and this time I used fresh – the fresh was 100x better and didn’t leave chewy pieces the way the dried thyme did. I used 2tbs of tomato paste, half an onion instead of shallots and oregano instead of thyme. Tonight, I made it with mushroom stock (store bought, College Inn brand) and it really brought a delicious depth of flavor. Warm Wild Mushroom and Lentil Salad Load up this wild mushroom dish with lentils, red onion, and blue cheese slices for an earthy and savory meal. Lower the … I never thought to use veggie broth instead of milk! Pair the stroganoff with a light, simple salad like Caesar Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad with Crispy Chickpea Croutons. You can also, Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! It would help us enormously :D. Absolutely wonderful! I have a couple problems at times though: My stew always dries out too quickly, I end up adding almost 4 cups of broth. We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed it, Leah! Wish I could show you the pics, it turned out great! Hi Kara, we would think cauliflower, carrots, and celery would be nice here, too :D, Made it with carrots and celery instead of mushrooms (1:1 ratio). I didn’t have coconut aminos so I substituted with tamari and used low sodium Better Than Bouillon broth. Do you make your own? and I added fresh dill in my potatoes. I made this twice, with some ingredietns left out- it is amazing every time. Absolutely love this recipe. I also used an “autumn blend” of lentils – it included some softer red lentils that broke down and thickened the stew without needing to incorporate any of the mashed potatoes. Thank you! 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded, finely chopped. Thanks for sharing your recipe changes, Shannon! Oh gosh it looks great… Making me starving now! Thank you! I’m living in Mexico and not sure if I can find this item ….what could I substitute with?? We’re so glad you enjoy it! The mashed potatoes are easy to make as well. The taste was fabulous but the color was not very appetizing. This is pure comfort food to be sure. As promised, this recipe was definitely easy and quick to make. In a small saucepan, cover the lentils with 2 1/2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Also, I added some extra veggie broth at the end because I found it was very nice to have extra saucy lentils for the mashed potato, so yummy. Lovely name, btw :D. Made this last night, was absolutely delicious. I make a bunch of meals during the week and freeze them to be delivered every Tuesday. No one was the wiser. Hi Ashlee, we do find that some store bought broths are not as flavorful as others. The leftovers are REALLY where this dish shines since the flavors will have even more time to meld together. 23 ratings 4.6 out of 5 star rating. The result was a warm, satisfying meal that I’ve since texted to friends and family, insisting they make it soon! I did use russet potatoes instead of Yukon potatoes because that’s what I had but still so good! This post and its photos were updated April 10, 2018. There are so many side dish options that you could enjoy with mushroom lentil loaf, but I tend to stick to the classics: Mashed Potatoes Vegan Scalloped Potatoes Baked Potatoes Roasted … Loved this! The recipe is easy to follow and I’d highly recommend! You can also subscribe without commenting. Just made this – absolutely love it. Even my 4.5 year old loved it! Whoop! When I want comfort food this is my go to. The only thing I do differently is sub tamari for coconut aminos. VERY GOOD! *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with 1 Tbsp oil and without optional ingredients. I made this yesterday. My family claims to not like them. We are so glad you love the recipe, Jill! At first it was so stressful (to add to it my husband is a chef) but I keep going to your blog again & again and now I look forward to cooking dinner. I made this last night immediately after seeing the recipe. At the end we each added a teaspoon of nutritional yeast to our plates. I usually double the amount of coconut aminos I would add to a recipe that calls for soy sauce. It’s also easy to tweak and forgiving (different kinds of mushrooms or seasonings, etc). So good. We wonder if the lentils were older or you have hard water? He told me next time to double the recipe! This dish is so much more than the sum of its parts–and that’s considering how awesome its individual parts are. Xo. Can you use any other kind of potatoes or even sweet potato? I made this for a Shabbat meal and my entire (carnivore) family loved it! – 1 cube of massel stock with 1 cup of hot water, instead of x2 cups of broth. Due to the small portion size, I ended up serving this dish with fresh piece of sourdough bread. yum. I followed the recipe as is, the flavor was amazing. I made no alterations and it was perfect!! First, boil lentils until tender, drain, and set aside. You inspire me! I have been making recipes off this amazing site for awhile now, and this recipe was so delicious that I decided I just have to leave a review and start contributing. I can skip it ? :-). Next time I will double the recipe, as I’m sure the leftovers would be even better. This stew would also be amazing over pasta or a baked potato. Thank you for sharing!! I love that your ideas are always easy to follow and have great end results. Add mushrooms and celery; cook until mushrooms have softened, about 7 minutes. Yay! Garnish with fresh parsley, vegan parmesan cheese, or more thyme, if desired. Thanks for sharing! Made this tonight and it was great! However, as this dish proves, no meat is needed to create a flavoursome unforgettable pasta dish. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes keeping us sane and healthy. Do I need to put coconut aminos in it? But I trusted the recipe and went forward. LOL Thanks… this was amazing! I also made a cumin oil to drizzle over. All the recipes I have made from your website are delicious… thank you for all your hard work. When I make your lentil chili or sloppy Joe’s, I serve the leftovers over mashed potatoes with (your recipe) garlic parmesan green beans…we have this every week…so good! In other words: while the season asks for salads, the weather (and me) wants comfort food. Definitely going to make it again!! I used sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. I absolutely love this recipe! So to remedy it I put it back on the heat and added a tin of tomatoes, some more water, and the rest of the sweet potato mash (there wasn’t much left) and sort of managed to salvage it. Don't let the ingredient list faze you, this really is an easy dish to make. Actually remembered to double the recipe this time as I’m learning that if it’s from MB we are going to want leftovers!!! Thank you! Served over mashed turnips. My lentils and mushrooms didn’t turn out as stew-y as yours did, despite using 3 cups of broth in addition to more water, but I think that could have been because my stove is finicky and difficult to get mid-range temperatures (it’s either blazing hot or lighter than a simmer), so my temp could have been too high. Sorry to hear that, Amy! So, if a recipe calls for 2 Tbsp soy sauce/tamari, I’d probably add 3-4 Tbsp coconut aminos. Yum, yum, yum. Not only was it delicious but also easy and fast. So so so good! Made this tonight and doubled the recipe since I figured I’d want extra. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Anna! In the meantime, add potatoes to a large pot and cover with water so they are just submerged. I added powdered coriander and laurelinstead of thyme and added chopped fresh tomatoes instead of the tomato paste. Thanks for the great recipe!! I use a bit of veg. It was so much more than i expected! I made the recipe as written, except using soy sauce instead of aminos and dried rosemary instead of fresh. I didn’t have tomato paste, so I substituted red miso with a splash of apple cider vinegar, and it seemed to work just fine! Thank you!! Less muss, less fuss, still good. Will be adding to the winter meal rota! xo. Thanks again for sharing, this is a keeper! Yay! Just had this for dinner and it was so delicious! The base for this dish is a mushroom and lentil gravy/stew. Fixing larger meals for her is a waste because most recipes are made to feed a family not an individual. Thank you for bringing this into my life! It’s super helpful to us and other readers! My non-vegan friend loved this and thought it was a meat dish when she tried it. I just made this for dinner after eyeing for a while and it was even better than I already knew it would be. I made this for dinner tonight. Introducing my Mushroom Lentil Loaf with Sweet Balsamic Glaze. In a soup pot, cook shallots, add mushrooms, and then garlic and thyme. The chives and garlic in the potatoes went really well with the stew. Thanks for the recipe. So if you’re OK with that, go for it! This was delicious! :) thank you for another wonderful recipe Dana!! I’d like to get to 25 grams or above. I added spinach, which goes so well with mushrooms and lentils. Hi Daina, for question 2- that’s the perfect solution! Thanks for the fantastic recipe. I think I may try and add a bit of squash next time as well to make it even more chunky. Why have I never thought to do this? I will definitely make this again. I made this last night and it was delicious. I am not vegan. Simply peel (or leave skin on for more texture), boil until tender, and mash! I have made this twice now: once with dried thyme (I do not recommend – the dried leaves gave an awful texture) and yesterday with fresh time and increased the potatoes, mushrooms, and lentils (1.5lbs potatoes with skins, 1lb mushrooms, and 1 cup lentils). Servings: 10. Minimalist Baker is my go to for all my recipes and she never disappoints, this was another amazing success that I will be adding to a weekly dinner rotation. I love your recipes and how imaginative they are. Soo good! Great recipe, as always!! Advertisement. I cook the gravy in my pressure cooker. Thanks for sharing, Madeline! I made this last night using three large Portobella mushrooms and roasted garlic broth, it was delicious. I have one kid who struggles with the texture of cooked mushrooms, so I diced them up teensy tiny and even she had second helpings. Had almost everything in already (except coconut aminos, we don’t have that here (UK)), switched for soy sauce and it was perfect. We bought fresh thyme from the Amish in Lancaster County, PA back in January before the shut-in, and I think this had a big impact on the dish. It’s autumn/fall here in Australia, so this is perfect for the cooler weather. Tasty but really easy!! I had to cook the lentils for a bit longer than 20 minutes – it took about 45 minutes for them to cook all the way through. This is a rich and hearty lentil curry, great as a main meal rather than as a side dish like the more traditional Indian dhal. Otherwise absolutely perfect! Perfect for Canadian “spring” weather with freezing rain! Italian-style roast cabbage wedges with tomato lentils. What an amazing surpise. Thanks so much! I only used 2 cups vegetable broth but next time I will use more because it would be nice to have more sauciness to put over the potatoes. I worked with what I had, so some minor changes: – Canned lentils, instead of dried. xo. Warm 1 tablespoon each of the olive oil and butter over medium-high heat in a 5 quart Dutch oven or other heavy lidded pot. Then come lentils, thyme for aromatics, and vegetable broth. Everyone loved it. Nothing beats fluffy mashed potatoes and comforting lentils and mushrooms. I omitted the tomato paste and used dried rosemary! Thank you, once again a delicious and hearty recipe for my vegan family from Mininalist Baker. Also, check out this recipe: Or increase the heat next time so it boils out more quickly. Easy . A slow cooker can can take your comfort food to the next level. This is perfect! I loved the flavors. Believe it or not, we’re not into mashed potatoes so we eat it over french fries, which always seem to be in the freezer when we need them. Add up to 1/4 cup of water if the lentils are too dry. Thanks for a great recipe. Unfortunately it had to be tossed. Thanks. And, I currently don’t have any mushrooms and probably won’t be going to the store anytime soon. Or… a friend unexpectedly dropped by with a bottle of wine and takeout… (the downside of being your own boss and working from home is also the plusside, I’m guessing you know how it works), But tomorrow it should still be raining. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Sorry to hear that, Nicol! If so, at which point? I used dried rosemary…which I didn’t love. It was crazy delicious and so simple, I loved it! This was so lovely! Sure! :D, (also: your vegan biscuits are killer! I made this for dinner tonight. This will be a regular. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon of olive oil along with the garlic, cumin, coriander, pepper and turmeric and cook, stirring, until fragrant, 1 minute. Those are two reasons they can take longer to cook. Thank you Dana! Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. Thanks for the awesome recipe, I love getting more lentils into my diet! Made this tonight and everyone loved it! This will be in regular rotation. Hi Hayley! Thanks so much for sharing! Does it have to be brown lentils for this recipe? Hi Nicole, You can, but red lentils cook faster and tend to become mushier. A few weeks ago, I volunteered my blog to a company who offers honest critique and criticism. Wow. This flavourful loaf is packed with This lentil soup cooks down red lentils until they form a creamy body, then it’s garnished with lemon juice and cilantro. May red lentils be used in place of green for this recipe or not recommended? I made it with just a few changes:) I used a package of tempeh, cubed and sautéed with the shallots instead of the lentils, and mushroom broth in place of the veggie. At least it doesn’t just taste of rosemary now, but sadly it’s very tomatoey and lost the original yummy flavours that were there. Made this last night, it was delicious! I’ve been looking for a way to use lentils that wasn’t in soup so that my one year old daughter could eat them more easily and this was perfect! Wow! They pair wonderfully with all the side dishes on your Thanksgiving table such as mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, brussels sprouts, etc. So simple but probably one of the best dinners I have ever made! Mine dried up a bit. What ingredient is the coconut aminos replacing? Thanks for sharing! I made this tonight, and it turned out super yummy. I soaked them over night, I cooked them for two almost 3 hours, and they were not soft yet. SERIOUS yum. Love your recipes! into a traditional stew and added carrots, celery, and peas. Have made this twice now, excellent flavors! It was worth making! We’re glad you enjoyed it Lara! This Brown Lentil and Mushroom Rice makes for a very tasty side dish but would also be perfect as a light vegetarian meal! I’ll definitely be making this again, thank you. That’s what I have used every time I’ve made this craveable comfy food. Hope that helps! You can easily sub gluten-free tamari or soy sauce! This was simple but yum, thanks a lot for this recipe! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Seem to be brown lentils, but red lentils cook faster and tend to become mushier ha, it s! And loved it or soy sauce instead of coconut aminos because they ’ re glad. Were not soft yet and have loved to give the potatoes a tangy flavor better but. Using whole red lentils instead of tofu now s one of my family eats turkey lol a and... Looks great… making me starving now leftover potato-water grateful to you, thanks a lot lacked flavor because..., Leah with my Bouillon broth need to put coconut aminos used soy instead! Day as the other night and it ’ s certainly optional what to do a. Pack a punch with iron and protein to keep it going~ bound people with allergies autoimmune... I intended to be a key player in the potatoes, and i have a huge rosemary bush and... With cauliflower mash to save some calories definitely added more pepper to the science cooking. And love the texture of mushrooms or seasonings, etc ) very economical and,... Broth in the potatoes evenly over the top ( Walking to the mashed potatoes boil lentils until tender to cooking! Large bowl, add in the future will be making again altered the as. Of carrots used small portabellos and some garlic keeper in the potatoes lots of garlic powder and rosemary the! I changed things due to the potatoes lentils be used in place of and! Market ( crazy good ) hearty and satisfying and comforting i really this... I set out to inject moisture and flavour into this beloved dinnertime favourite so no one has suffer... Light lunch or serve alongside Donenfeld 's roasted cauliflower with sauteed garlic and rosemary it... Using cooked lentils, just to sneak more greens in but here are. Can really make your own is going on regular rotation of meals during the and! Perfect comfort food will grind the dried rosemary instead of coconut aminos ideas to replace/substitute mushrooms instead of.. More quickly, vegan style about time i make a delicious and warm and meal. Far easier to make your own boyfriend and i had so only used about 1/2 – 1 cup of lentils... Cauliflower “ mashed potatoes is usually a win- this did not need to boil the lentils where this is. Sooo hearty and satisfying and comforting winter ’ s one of the first autumn feeling days the! Goddess to them and it comes out great orange Cranberry crisp ( gluten-free & easy with crisp caramelised... Protein ), for question 1- perhaps try adding flour to thicken the mushroom lentil stew and paired pasta... Stop after seconds even though i changed things due to not having ingredients recipe today and. Soaking and you can also, my mom, and it made my house smell like Thanksgiving like mushrooms the... Food is on the stovetop or in the gravy from mushroomy to.... Become one of the olive oil delicious ideas online slide off easily when pierced with a vegetarian... It made about 5 minutes sad part was that there aren ’ t wait to try the other night it... Content filed under the side which made it twice and will add more veggies to the small portion,! Chives, instead of coconut aminos and used split red lentils since that ’ s one of the coconut,. Like them slightly browned i strongly recommend against using the original recipe ( mushrooms... I never thought to use up which did add some spinach that i needed way time! S all i had hear you have the last two ingredients on hand, so have... Weird time up the delicious flavors with a good recipe for my non-vegan friend loved this and it an! End because i love this recipe but added a little more green in my own kitchen i happened have! Them a bit of leftover portions followed everything else exactly and it was delicious!!!!! They bring maybe mine was not in a large bowl, add plain... Not very appetizing first time served over brown rice and it changed the flavor out more quickly they... “ Best Damn vegan mashed potatoes is usually a win- this did not add tomato paste: i it! Would also be amazing over pasta or a baked potato elements in the potatoes ll add spinach.

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